Warning: Election Year – Proceed with Caution

What a year 2014 was for politics. From the meteoric rise of Ukip and Tory defections, to the Scottish Independence Referendum, and crises abroad with Ukraine and Islamic State, it has been a year, fit to bursting with exciting things to scrutinise, speculate on and satirise!

2015 of course, looks set to be just as exciting a political year as 2014 was. Ukip and the SNP have shifted the focus away from the two main parties, and what with the impending general election, there is more uncertainty than ever over who will be holding the keys to No 10 come May. Could we see a Tory-Ukip, a Labour-SNP , or another Tory-Lib Dem coalition? Or perhaps there will be a Tory or Labour majority? What is certain though, is that the run-up to the election will be full of “bluff, bluster and bullying” in the words of a certain Mr Salmond.

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