Communism is Coming.

Our new writer, Henry Davies, ponders whether communism is merely a natural stage in the political and economic evolution of a nation, and whether one day, it will be heading to our green and pleasant land. 
By Henry Davies
Communism: will we be next?
There have been countless communist revolutions, however not one of them has successfully stood the test of time. From Russia to China, we have seen revolutions that have brought about communism, and each and every one has died, or is dying, out. There is one simple reason: communism cannot be pushed upon a nation. It has to be an evolution not a revolution. Even in the largest and most successful communist nation, China, we see the spread of capitalism with “one country, two systems”.
Think about it; communism is a beautiful concept. What could one possibly find wrong with a free, fair, classless world where everyone is equal and can live in total harmony?  
I know what you’re thinking. It all sounds a bit far-fetched, doesn’t it? Exactly, that’s the point. In today’s society, communism is unachievable. There is too much focus on wealth and nationalism. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I’m saying that’s the way society is. I enjoy spending too much to wilfully hand over my small chunk of wealth and have it distributed to the masses, as does the majority of the population. In the mind set of this generation, communism will not be successful. Whilst we are moving towards a socially just and conscious society, it is happening so slowly that communism is inconceivable in the next one hundred years. 

That is not a bad thing. 
Capitalism has many flaws, but it also has some wonderful benefits. Just look at the way the world has prospered and advanced under this system. Some of the greatest technological, medical, scientific, ideological advancements have been pioneered under this system. Capitalism is the best system there is… today.
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We need to talk about Karl. In layman’s terms, Marx developed a theory that society works in five stages. 

Primitive Communism > Feudalism > Capitalism > Socialism > Communism
It’s generally agreed that most of the world is currently sitting in capitalism. Profit is at the forefront of society, and people protect and grow their own wealth. Of course, I’m over-simplifying here, but it’s a subject area that has to be simplified to get a brief look at anything. 
So, we know that the first three stages happened. They are recorded facts. What we have seen in the last one hundred years is a gentle ideological development of socialism and we have in fact seen and continue to see socialist governments and the rise of “democratic socialism” seen in parties such as the Labour party. Even the right-wing are gradually shifting towards the left. The right of today are nowhere near as right wing as their imperial counterparts of one hundred to two hundred years ago. This delicate shift, in my opinion, is evidence that we are moving, however glacially, into actual pure socialism. With this in mind, it is highly probable that communism will come too.
But, when? I hear you ask. Not in our lifetimes, I reply. It has taken tens of thousands of years to get to where we are today. The advance from the primitive Homo sapiens we once were to the intelligent, developed, civilised society we have become has not been easy. Billions of people have fought and died to establish and protect the principles we hold so close to our hearts, today. 

The point is, those principles change. We have gone from keeping black people as slaves, to walking side by side, hand in hand with them. We have gone from imprisoning homosexuals, to celebrating their equality. Society has transformed. But all of these transformations had to happen slowly. There is no way that a revolution could successfully occur today and stand strong. 
If communism is going to happen, then it is going to happen naturally. It’s going to be so subtle, that we barely recognise it. As focus shifts from wealth to equality, and from war to peace, the world will adapt. With the foundations of the European Union and the United Nations, perhaps in hundreds of years to come, there will be a one-state world. The change will be so glacial, that it might not even truly begin for another five or six hundred years, maybe a thousand. But it will happen. 
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