About Us

“Young people don’t care about the world around them.”

Filibuster seeks to challenge this. 

Filibuster is a platform for young people to get their opinions published, run entirely by student volunteers with ages ranging from 15 to 25. We have a team of young writers worldwide, all with varying views and outlooks on life, all united by a passion to be heard and influence the agenda.

Filibuster is a non-partisan organisation – we don’t take sides. Instead, we guarantee all our writers the independence and freedom take sides on the political causes and issues as they so wish.

*NEW* Filibuster UK now accepts fictional pieces!
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Every week we post articles from our various vibrant and perceptive contributors on the topics of:

  • YouthVoice
    Opinion and analysis on the issues affecting young people.
  • UK Politics
    Commentary on party politics, distilled and served with ice.
  • Foreign Affairs
    A look further afield at what’s happening overseas.
  • Economics and Business
    What’s happening in the economy and how it affects you.
  • Legal Affairs
    Shaking off the image that law is dusty – it’s dynamic and matters to you!
  • Health and Science
    Exciting developments in the world of healthcare, science and technology.
  • Arts and Culture
    Like the arts? This section’s for you!
  • Literature *NEW*
    Our newest section, for budding young writers! If you want to submit a piece of fiction, click here for details.
  • The Interviews
    Filibuster writers put your questions to the policy makers, movers and shakers, and promise breakers of UK politics.