Author: Dan McGregor

Politics is no longer Blairite but the centre is still the place to be. (Photo: PA)

You’re Right, So I Left

Even after Brexit, elections are still won in the centre-ground. The centre can and does hold – as it has since 1945. For a narcissist, Tony Blair had a remarkable knack for understanding the...

Campaigning for a lost country. (Photo: Reuters)

Working Class Losers

The left-behind are the result of hard problems, not organised malignancy. The problems of Brexit are likely to worsen their lot. On the steps of 10 Downing Street, Theresa May promised a government “not...

Jeremy Corbyn is supposed to inspiring hope within the Labour party. (Photo: PA)

Standing By, Not Standing Up

Brexit has shown Jeremy Corbyn to be an elitist seller of magic beans. But for Corbynistas, the sand looks to be a welcoming place for one’s head. Britain is divided, the Prime Minister has...

Jeremy Corbyn, a lifelong europhobe, is struggling to swing behind his party’s europhile message. (Photo: The Agenda/ITV)

Labour and Europe: Divided in Unity

Almost all Labour MPs are europhiles, so why is the party divided about the EU? Ask Jeremy Corbyn. Though calm and competent, the “In” campaign in the EU debate is not faring well. A...

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