Author: Ching Feng Loo

What has feminism become? What was it meant to be? (Photo: Michael Buckner)

Feminism: The New F Word

There is still a long way ahead for gender equity, but today’s feminism is straying away from that cause: it is losing touch with reality. Trump’s victory left many gutted and devastated. It was...

Stranded migrants passing food supplies dropped from a Thai army helicopter. (Photo: Christopher Archambault/AFP)

Rescue the Rohingya!

Mass migration in 2015 put the persecution of the Rohingya people under international spotlight. Little has been done to help them, and it will take a toll on the international community. Branded by the...

Justice Clarence Thomas, American judge known for his outspoken opposition against affirmative action. (Photo: Sidney Davis)

Affirmative Action is Atrocious

Egalitarianism has cultivated a general consensus against discrimination. Yet people seem to turn a blind eye when it’s done in the name of good will. Where morality is concerned, altruism is arguably the pinnacle...

Yau Wai-Ching (left) and Sixtus “Baggio” Leung (right) were barred from retaking their oaths. (Photo: Sam Tsang)

The Storm in Hong Kong

Shielding protesters from pepper spray and tear gas, umbrellas – symbolic of resilience, asymmetry of force, and audacity – has brewed up a political storm, and now the political climate is rougher than ever....

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