Author: Frank Davies

The Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Chancellor with Ex-IRA Leader Gerry Adams (Photo: The Times)

What’s Left?

Jeremy Corbyn is simply a symptom of social democracy’s worldwide decline due to identity politics and a rejection of patriotism. Can, and should, anything be done to save it? Much is made of the...

Marine Le Pen looks forward to next year’s Presidential election. (Photo: New York Times)

Et maintenant, Le Pen?

After Donald Trump’s shock victory in the United States, populists are on the march. Can Marine Le Pen replicate his success next year? If 2016 was the year of triumph for the political outsider,...

David Cameron Resigns after losing the June 2016 European Union Referendum (Photo: The Mirror/ Dan Kitwood)

In Defence of Populism

Whilst centrist parties ignore the warning signs and refuse to address the underlying issues, European populists march ever closer to government. Politics undoubtedly comes in waves. For a long time, centrism was the word...

Theresa May emerges from Downing Street (Photo: WSJ)

Conservative Paper Tiger

With Labour falling apart, the Liberal Democrats in the wilderness and Ukip searching for a new purpose, the way looks clear for continued Conservative dominance. But the party shouldn’t rest on its laurels just...

Ukip’s God, Nigel, has left the stage. So what next? (Photo: Breitbart)

Purple Reign?

With the departure of Nigel Farage and its raison d’être finally achieved, Ukip seems unsure of what to do next. As the party’s factions vie for power, the question remains: what will become of...

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