Author: Joanne Reed

Labour voters for Jeremy Corbyn formed the pressure group Momentum after his victory, which has been condemned for extreme denunciation of MPs voting for the Syria airstrikes. (Photo: The Independent)

Backward Momentum

The polemics of political groups pose a problem for Jeremy Corbyn. A successful stand is necessary. It is normally the House of Commons that is criticised for its rowdy debates, which are more reminiscent...

Protesters at Oxford University have pushed for the removal of Rhodes, who is seen as a symbol of colonialism. (Photo: Cherwell)

The Rhode to Racial Justice

The “Rhodes Must Fall” movement is driven by the desire to change Oxford’s attitude to race.  In a university where privilege still has a part to play, the statue of Cecil Rhodes needs to...

The Labour MP Kevan Jones has been seen as an advocate for mental health issues, sharing his own experience in a debate in the House of Commons. (Photo: BBC)

Our Unhealthy Silence on Mental Health

After Ken Livingstone’s recent remarks, Westminster must take serious action on mental health issues. Hardly a week passes without a political figure making a controversial remark, and last week’s comments from the former Mayor...

Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, has stated her intention to work with Jeremy Corbyn on motions in the House of Commons (Photo: New Forest Green Party)

Could Green be the new Red?

The Green Party and the Labour Party have collaborated on cross-party issues and share similar values. With the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour’s new leader, is it time for the two to...

John Whittingdale, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, who has signalled a tougher government approach towards the BBC in light of its charter renewal. (Photo: Huffington Post)

Save my BBC

As one of the most well-respected and cherished services of our country, we cannot leave the BBC in the hands of reformers with commercial interests at heart. The BBC: a corporation spanning eight major...

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