Author: Matthew Coombes

Reaction of leave supporters at the Sunderland vote count. (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

Brexit Britain Needs Devolution

The Brexit vote was a protest against Westminster and demand for change. If any political party wants to win in post-Brexit Britain, they need to show serious commitment to the devolution of powers to...

Riot police try and control angry crowds who wait for food. (Photo: Reuters)

Chavez’s Puppet Show Is Over

Venezuela is on the brink of economic, political and social downfall. President Maduro must stop pretending that this crisis is not self-inflicted. With an economic strategy which shows no acknowledgement of the real world...

A Houthi fighter at the aftermath of an air strike in a residential area. (Photo: Reuters)

How Britain Is Destroying Yemen

Since September 2014, Yemen has been the battleground for a detrimental civil war, and received devastating air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition. Yet has anything actually been achieved? The beginning of the recent civil...

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