Author: Matthew England

A new Conservative Party? Is that even a good thing? (Image: Seattlepi)

Look to the right. It’s empty.

A key feature of Western liberalism must always be small and limited government. Theresa May’s shift to centrism means that no party wishes to uphold this important principle any longer. Since the shift of the...

Elected the same way, Trump and Corbyn pose the same danger. (Image: IB Times)

Personality Trumps Policy

Totalitarianism has, in our history, been derived from a focus on personality rather than policy. Many current politicians, while not necessarily totalitarian, have shown that we could be throwing ourselves on a dangerous road...

A three-party election? (Photo: The Libertarian Republic)

Let Freedom Ring

The American people are faced with a disastrous choice this election. A choice between statism and statism, between less freedom and less freedom. But behind all this liberty-hating, lies a very clear alternative. The...

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