Author: Sam Brooke

America is a country of immigrants – Trump himself is the grandson of German and Scottish immigrants. (Photo: laverrue (Flickr))

United We (Should) Stand

Trump and the far-right are using immigration as a distraction – the problems the working class are living with lay with the system we live under. The countries of the world are more connected...

The Women’s March sent a clear message to Trump: don’t expect to infringe on female rights without protest. (Photo: Greg Cook)

Raise Your Fists And March Around

Now that the election is over, you could be forgiven for thinking that Americans are powerless to prevent Trump’s tyranny. However, there’s still one outlet to make him listen – protest. It’s safe to...

Legalising cannabis would lead to regulation and a safer product (Photo: Associated Press)

Wake Up and Smell the Cannabis

Theresa May’s attitude towards drug policy is backward – the legalisation of cannabis could provide the UK with many economic and social benefits. Let’s end the war on drugs. More and more countries are...

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