Author: Shameera Lin

Cool, concise and composed – Leonard Cohen made the ordinary extraordinary. (Photo: Reg Innell/Getty/Toronto Star)

Leonard Cohen: He’s the Man

With the recent loss of Leonard Cohen, there is no better moment for us to recognise the enduring impact of his legacy. I recall vividly the moment I first heard Leonard Cohen’s seductive baritone...

The epitome of a guitar-carrying, chain-smoking sixties troubadour, Bob Dylan's revolutionary Nobel victory has been rife with opposition. (Photo: John Cohen/L. Parker Stephenson Photographs and Peter Fetterman Gallery)

Dylan is Deserving

Denying Bob Dylan’s historical achievement is as good as denying literary convention. Awarding the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature to a cultural icon like Bob Dylan has, indubitably, cemented his legendary legacy as a...

In a music video for Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend, Beyoncé has been accused of appropriating Indian culture. (Source: Warner Music)

Culture Chasm

Appropriating cultures assists cultural integration, not cultural denigration. From the very depths of Tumblr to online newsrooms, the phenomenon of “cultural appropriation” has taken social media by storm. Most contemporary arguments made against cultural...

Jeremy Corbyn at a recent Newcastle leadership rally, one of many rallies held in support of the leader. (Photo: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

Say ‘Yes’ to Jez

As an inevitable September victory for Jeremy Corbyn awaits, Labour must move forward more united than ever. The deep chasm dividing the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and Labour membership continues to widen, as Jeremy...

A 2007 photo of Hillary Clinton with billionaire Wall Street businessman, Warren Buf-fett. In December 2015, Buffett joined other Wall Street figures to raise funds for a pro-Hillary Super PAC. (Photo: Paul Sakuma/PA)

Chameleon Clinton

Indecisive, insincere and insipid; Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy and flip-flopping make her unsuited to be president. Antagonism has reached new heights in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont...

Left to right: Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers in the “Get Lucky” music video. (Source: MTV)

Disco Inferno

Shameera Lin has one simple message: You should be dancing, yeah. “Now I know why disco died,” said Uncle Jesse from Full House with a smirk, as Danny Tanner did the hustle to “Shake,...

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