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Jessie Morgan

Jessica Morgan is 16-year-old sixth form student from Buckinghamshire studying maths, further maths, chemistry, biology and history with the hopes of becoming a surgeon. She enjoys discussing new medical advances, public speaking, barefoot water-skiing and raising money for her charity, CRAFT. She is passionate about educating her readers and reforming England’s shaky healthcare system. She is frequently found doing five things at once and has been known to express her lack of understanding of the concept of free time. If Jessie isn’t studying in her boarding school dorm she’s probably teaching young girls how to rock climb, volunteering at her local care home, checking girls in her boarding house for head lice, writing for her medical blog or laughing.

Bushry Basheer

Bushry Basheer is a 17-year-old writer from Barnet, London. He is currently studying biology, chemistry, physics and maths at A-Level and hopes to study medicine at university. He is interested in medical ethics, and what being a member of the “Noble Profession” is all about. As a Dementia Friend with the Alzheimer’s Society and a Jewish Care volunteer, Bushry also tweets at @mbbdementia on the latest research, information and stories about various dementias, especially Alzheimer’s disease. He can also be found at his blog, discussing various topics on the medical profession that comes to his mind.

Oluranti Kuti                                           

Oluranti is a 17-year-old sixth form student from London, completing the International Baccalaureate and studying chemistry, biology, philosophy, maths, English and French in the hopes of becoming a physician. She is indifferent as to which political party she supports because she finds that there are positive and negative elements of both (Conservative/Labour) and would rather not be exclusive to one. She enjoys discussing not only problems within the NHS, but global health too and the health complications that arise within developing countries. She is frequently juggling many things at once, and never seems to have any free time, but is always prepared to help others, volunteering for Kisharon School and at a local hospital. She can also be found on her study blog (or “studyblr”) on tumblr by the name “ibstudyprincess”.