Legal Affairs Correspondents

Filibuster is proud to have a new and growing legal affairs department, which works away to shake off the dusty and dry image that law has!

If you would like to join our team of young, passionate writers, head over here for details!

All views expressed by the writers are their own and are neither those of Filibuster nor the Editors unless otherwise stated.

Ridwan Uddin

Ridwan Uddin is a 17-year-old student and a legal affairs correspondent for Filibuster. He is currently studying Maths, physics, chemistry and English literature at A-Level whilst on the search for a political party that represents his views. Ridwan also has a keen interest in the legal system and jurisprudence. His refusal to tweet can be explained by the David Cameron approach of 2009.

Jerry Thomas

Jerry Thomas is a 17-year-old legal affairs correspondent from London. He is currently studying English, economics, history and French at A-Level and hopes to pursue a career in law after university. Jerry focuses primarily on high-profile and individual cases rather than overarching changes to the legal system, as he feels they are more relatable on a personal level. He also enjoys challenging the morality of the law occasionally, such as in the case of the “affluenza teen,” and considering what the concept of ”justice” truly means. In his spare time, Jerry enjoys watching films and TV series, with the legal drama, Suits, currently being one of his favourites.