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Roughly translating to "A New Malaysia: Bersih 5", the banner perfectly encapsulates the Malaysian sentiment regarding the government. (Photo: Mark Lee)

Making Malaysia Clean Again?

Mark Lee reports from Malaysia on the Bersih rally, a cause against corruption he sees as troubled yet necessary. Standing in the frontline of the Bersih (which in Malay means clean) 5.0 rally on...

The Swiss have a highly successful system of direct democracy. (Photo: www.wikipedia.org)

More Referendums, Please

Direct democracy, when done well, can empower the people and bring greater stability to a representative system. Democracy, like all good things, should be restricted to moderate doses. This has been the dogma of...

Ukip: Viewing the Silver Lining

Our new writer, Jordan Wareham, a Ukip member and activist, looks back at Ukip’s performance last Thursday and provides reasons for Ukippers to be cheerful.  The Aftermath: Ukip By Jordan Wareham _________________ Former and...

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