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What has feminism become? What was it meant to be? (Photo: Michael Buckner)

Feminism: The New F Word

There is still a long way ahead for gender equity, but today’s feminism is straying away from that cause: it is losing touch with reality. Trump’s victory left many gutted and devastated. It was...

Sophie Walker (centre), the party’s leader and 2016 London mayoral candidate with other founding members. (Photo: Duncan Fisher).

The WEP: Privileged or Progressive?

Is the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) compatible with “youth feminism” or do they have little hope of appealing to young women? Last year presenter Sandi Toksvig (or “Sandi Toxic” in the words of Justice...

“That’s an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs.” Artwork showing the reality of sexism in the workplace. (Artist: Riana Duncan)

The Greatest Minority of All

Despite being just as important as men, there are still economic and social divides which result in gender inequality in the UK. Modern society is built upon foundations of free will and freedom of...

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