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Emmanuel Macron represents France’s best hope of a progressive, reformist president who will unite his country, rather than dividing it further. (Photo: Le Monde)

France 2017: Quel Serait-il? (Encore Un Fois)

With the French presidential election only a few months away, Antony Tucker surveys the candidates and their chances. After a tumultuous year in France, characterised by terrorist atrocities, economic slough and stubbornly high unemployment,...

President Hollande faces dismally low favourability ratings, putting at risk his party’s chances of a victory in 2017. (Photo: AFP)

France 2017: Quel Serait-il?

With just over a year to go until the next French presidential elections, Antony Tucker appraises the likely candidates and their chances of winning. Whilst many eyes are turned to the bizarre ups and...

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