Tagged: Free Speech

Violent protests after an election are highlighting the polarisation of modern politics. (Photo: The Guardian)

Healthy Debate is Dying

We are becoming increasingly intolerant to those who have political opinions which differ to our own. Sneering at Donald Trump’s supporters as “racists”, “bigots” and “sexists” only makes you part of the problem. The election...

The desire of many students to be molly-coddled from the harsh realities of life is the biggest threat to the rigorous education necessary to prepare a person for the wider world. (Photo: The Telegraph)

Intolerance of Intolerance

“Safe spaces” and “no platforming”: the increasing propensity of many university students to simply shut down and block out views which they disagree with is deeply concerning. Over recent years, free speech has come...

Free speech is a human right. Just don’t disagree with me. (Photo: Davidould)

You Won’t Silence Me

Matt Gillow argues that free speech is more than just a human right; it’s an essential part of democracy. People get offended. It’s a fact of life. People get offended about politics, people get...

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