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Emmanuel Macron represents France’s best hope of a progressive, reformist president who will unite his country, rather than dividing it further. (Photo: Le Monde)

France 2017: Quel Serait-il? (Encore Un Fois)

With the French presidential election only a few months away, Antony Tucker surveys the candidates and their chances. After a tumultuous year in France, characterised by terrorist atrocities, economic slough and stubbornly high unemployment,...

Marine Le Pen looks forward to next year’s Presidential election. (Photo: New York Times)

Et maintenant, Le Pen?

After Donald Trump’s shock victory in the United States, populists are on the march. Can Marine Le Pen replicate his success next year? If 2016 was the year of triumph for the political outsider,...

Norbert Hofer of Freedom Party of Austria could still become President. (Photo: The Daily Telegraph)

Europe: Populists Surge, Leaders Dither

Western politics is increasingly looking inwards. This is an alarming development. The continent’s populists are triumphant: Ukip has Brexit, Le Pen’s National Front wants “Frexit”, and Geert Wilder’s Dutch Freedom party are not far from “Nexit”. Meanwhile...

President Hollande faces dismally low favourability ratings, putting at risk his party’s chances of a victory in 2017. (Photo: AFP)

France 2017: Quel Serait-il?

With just over a year to go until the next French presidential elections, Antony Tucker appraises the likely candidates and their chances of winning. Whilst many eyes are turned to the bizarre ups and...

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