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Jeremy Corbyn has failed to take responsibility for recent by-election defeats, despite his low approval ratings holding his party back. (Photo: Telegraph)

Copeland and Stoke: Learning the Lessons

After an historic defeat in Cumbria and a narrow victory in Stoke during last week’s by-elections, Antony Tucker examines where Labour go from here. There are five stages to by-election grief: 1) Denial –...

Owen Smith launching his bid to win the Labour leadership – seeking to unify both the party and ultimately the country, starting in his hometown and constituency. (Photo: Guardian/ Getty Images)

Owen Smith: Saving Labour

With Angela Eagle’s withdrawal from the Labour leadership race, Antony Tucker explains why Owen Smith is the best choice facing the party. It’s on: with Angela Eagle’s withdrawal, Owen Smith has become the sole...

Labour voters for Jeremy Corbyn formed the pressure group Momentum after his victory, which has been condemned for extreme denunciation of MPs voting for the Syria airstrikes. (Photo: The Independent)

Backward Momentum

The polemics of political groups pose a problem for Jeremy Corbyn. A successful stand is necessary. It is normally the House of Commons that is criticised for its rowdy debates, which are more reminiscent...

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