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President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tour the Iron Dome air defense system in 2013. (Photo: Associated Press)

Obama’s Semitic Stain

After serving two whole terms, President Obama’s legacy is on the line, and his actions and rhetoric regarding the State of Israel will remind Americans of his disputatious foreign policy. On Friday, 24 December...

Israelis take cover in Jerusalem during a rocket attack by Hamas in July 2014. (Photo: AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)

In Defence of Israel

So often do we see impassioned defences of Palestinians and harsh attacks on their “brutal” oppressors, that we often forget that there is another side to this incredibly controversial conflict. After a judo match...

Netanyahu: Controversy or Truth?

Newly re-elected Prime Minister Netanyahu won his campaign by a strong margin, but was his tactic fair? He alienated 20% of the electorate at the cost of severely impairing US-Israeli Relations. What does this...

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