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Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders could be the next two figures from the populist right to come to power. (Photo: La Capital)

Right on Top

The populist right is transforming from an insurgent to a dominant force in western politics. Its legacy will be highly mixed. It has become almost a cliché over the past few years to talk...

Marine Le Pen looks forward to next year’s Presidential election. (Photo: New York Times)

Et maintenant, Le Pen?

After Donald Trump’s shock victory in the United States, populists are on the march. Can Marine Le Pen replicate his success next year? If 2016 was the year of triumph for the political outsider,...

Elected the same way, Trump and Corbyn pose the same danger. (Image: IB Times)

Personality Trumps Policy

Totalitarianism has, in our history, been derived from a focus on personality rather than policy. Many current politicians, while not necessarily totalitarian, have shown that we could be throwing ourselves on a dangerous road...

David Cameron Resigns after losing the June 2016 European Union Referendum (Photo: The Mirror/ Dan Kitwood)

In Defence of Populism

Whilst centrist parties ignore the warning signs and refuse to address the underlying issues, European populists march ever closer to government. Politics undoubtedly comes in waves. For a long time, centrism was the word...

Norbert Hofer of Freedom Party of Austria could still become President. (Photo: The Daily Telegraph)

Europe: Populists Surge, Leaders Dither

Western politics is increasingly looking inwards. This is an alarming development. The continent’s populists are triumphant: Ukip has Brexit, Le Pen’s National Front wants “Frexit”, and Geert Wilder’s Dutch Freedom party are not far from “Nexit”. Meanwhile...

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