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A Donald Trump supporter in Cleveland, Ohio. Unjust hatred against Muslims has reached its zenith. (Photo: Jim Watson/Getty)

Insidious Islamophobia

Islamophobia is real, but not in the way you might think. Mark Lee reports from Malaysia on its many faces. A week ago, I was being driven around in a Grab, the Southeast Asian...

The House of Lords has become the largest unelected upper house in the world – its functions need to be transferred to a smaller, fairly elected body. (Photo: BBC/ Getty Images)

A Peerless Democracy?

The House of Lords is well overdue for reform, and David Cameron’s Resignation Honours List has shown why we need an elected upper house, says Antony Tucker. The House of Lords’ continued existence stands...

At Christmas, most leaders aim to tie their aims to the spirit of the season – but David Cameron’s governments are wrong to claim Jesus’ actions as inspiration for their own. (Photo: Getty Images)

For the Love of God

David Cameron and his government often invoke the traditions and teachings of Christianity to justify their actions – Antony Tucker thinks this is both misleading and bad news for politics. This Christmas season saw...

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