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Violent protests after an election are highlighting the polarisation of modern politics. (Photo: The Guardian)

Healthy Debate is Dying

We are becoming increasingly intolerant to those who have political opinions which differ to our own. Sneering at Donald Trump’s supporters as “racists”, “bigots” and “sexists” only makes you part of the problem. The election...

Following his electoral victory, Donald Trump must nominate candidates to fill in the most important positions in the world. (Photo: CNN)

The Trump Team

With President-elect Donald Trump scheduled to be inaugurated in less than two months, Casey Kroll analyses the potential next cabinet. He did it. He defied all odds and won the Presidency of the United...

Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders could be the next two figures from the populist right to come to power. (Photo: La Capital)

Right on Top

The populist right is transforming from an insurgent to a dominant force in western politics. Its legacy will be highly mixed. It has become almost a cliché over the past few years to talk...

Don’t fight the man, fight his politics. (Photo: Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

Don’t Make Him a Martyr

Accusing Donald Trump of racism or sexism will only bolster his support. If he fails the Electoral College on these grounds, we might never hear the end of it. When compared to other modern...

Whilst Reagan stoked a revival of the US's classical liberal tradition, Trump has snuffed it out. (Photo: Salon)

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Donald Trump’s election victory is the death knell for the founding ideology of the United States. On 9 November 2016, Donald Trump, to the astonishment of virtually everyone (including, most likely, the man himself)...

David Cameron Resigns after losing the June 2016 European Union Referendum (Photo: The Mirror/ Dan Kitwood)

In Defence of Populism

Whilst centrist parties ignore the warning signs and refuse to address the underlying issues, European populists march ever closer to government. Politics undoubtedly comes in waves. For a long time, centrism was the word...

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