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Analyses of Brexit have misleadingly pitted the white, Northern working-class against London's liberal metropolitans. (Photo: Pexels)

Is it Grim Up North?

The Brexit binary of the liberal metropolitan elite versus the Northern white working-class is false and harmful to British politics. Mainstream political discourse tell us that Brexit has revealed a divide between London’s “metropolitan...

The Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Chancellor with Ex-IRA Leader Gerry Adams (Photo: The Times)

What’s Left?

Jeremy Corbyn is simply a symptom of social democracy’s worldwide decline due to identity politics and a rejection of patriotism. Can, and should, anything be done to save it? Much is made of the...

No Such Thing as a “Progressive Alliance”

With figures across the left calling for an electoral pact between “progressive” parties, Antony Tucker says why this isn’t a realistic or worthwhile idea. Over the last few months, many figures across the left...

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