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America is a country of immigrants – Trump himself is the grandson of German and Scottish immigrants. (Photo: laverrue (Flickr))

United We (Should) Stand

Trump and the far-right are using immigration as a distraction – the problems the working class are living with lay with the system we live under. The countries of the world are more connected...

President Obama wipes away a tear whilst announcing his plan to take executive action to introduce stricter gun controls. (Photo: Time)

The British are coming

As Barack Obama enters his final year as President, Matt Smith examines the problem of partisanship that has plagued his tenure from start to (almost) finish. In the USA there exists a crippling phenomenon...

The First Furlong

Jacob Whitehead returns from his short break with the latest edition of The Satiric Verses, this time focusing his attention across the pond. Sorry about my disappearance last week. I was preparing to attend a...

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